New entrants INFINITE meeting

INFINITE brought together all of its members for an INFINITE New Entrants Day, on January 26, 2023, at the premises of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Lille

Great participation for this day of welcome and discussion.

We presented the context of the Unit and the latest advances in the various projects of the Unit, to the "new" staff: PhD students who are starting their thesis, Master 2 students who are doing their research training internship, many trainees in M1, license Pro, BUT, BTS or others, present for a few weeks, as well as recently arrived contract workers.

Journee INFINITE Nouveaux Entrants amphi


moments of conviviality

 pause Journee Infinite nouveaux entrants 2023


A guest seminar presented by Dr. Vincent Prévot, director of the Development and plasticity of the neuroendocrine brain laboratory, ULille | Inserm | CHU Lille, Lille Neuroscience and Cognition, UMR-S 1172, Labex DistAlz, entitled "Pulsatile secretion of the fertility hormone, GnRH, and cerebral homeostasis from birth to aging: example of trisomy 21"

V Prevot Seminaire Journee Infinite Nouveaux Entrants